So, I’ve decided to start generating story blurbs for all of my “serious” stuff. They will live under “This is … WIP” “The Stories”. I’ve also decided to add my drawings (partially for archiving purposes) here, but I will for now keep them password protected, mainly because I’ve just thrown all of them in a bucket, or well, several buckets, and they still need much organizing. I may never make all of them public, but I suppose at some point, I will pick a few of them and set up an official portfolio.

That said — if someone asks nicely, and I really like them, I’m not opposed to giving out the password privately.

And, yeah, so I changed the theme again. Yeehaw!

I went on a bit of a nostalgia kick, ended up re-reading what I have so far on The Sake of the Pack.  Yup, it’s been a while. But, I didn’t think it sucked, which is a good sign. I even toyed with the idea of pushing this story up in the queue a bit, since it adds to the diversity of the “active” bin… but then, my “active” bin is diverse enough, and overflowing.

So, it was a nice trip down memory lane. Back to our regular programing now.

So, the nice surge of creative energy ended over a week ago. Luckily, before that happened, Crossing Roads took off like nobody’s business, and I’m very happy with where it’s going. (Crossing Roads current WC: 26 K)

I also did some organizational work on Broken Circles. Being the behemoth it is, and written somewhat out of chronological order, I split it up by viewpoint groups (that include POVs that don’t violate the timelines relative to each other). Now I need to stitch everything together, write out the  … well, last third of it (yes, it turns out the end ISN’T near), and edit the hell out of the thing. And edit I will need to. I keep pointing to the first 20K of this story, as they were written over a decade ago (when both my English and storytelling skills were non-existent), and before I had solidified the plot. But the truth is, the whole thing needs a solid pass. Even if I can’t say I don’t like it. But I guess if we didn’t like our own stories at least a little bit, we wouldn’t be writing them in the first place. (Broken Circles current WC: 108K)

In other news, I have a new piece of electronics, and I am frankly happy, and impressed.

So, I finally replaced my ancient laptop with a new piece of hardware. I got myself a Samsung ATlV Smart PC Pro. It’s pretty much a full PC in a tablet form, with a somewhat optional keyboard dock that I’ll probably only use when I travel, or to run my desk monitor + peripherals, until I finally bother fixing my desktop …Which promises to take a while.

Anyway, I’m not going to do a full review of the ATIV Pro. I’ll just say that it has exceeded my expectations (which weren’t necessarily very high), and that I couldn’t be happier with its functionality. The most important thing: I now have a piece of electronics which is okay to carry around, which, with the exception of playing full-blown PC games, can do EVERYTHING I need it to do, and very well at that. Yes. That does mean I can write in the fully functional MS Word (the handwriting recognition works very, very well, which is unexpected, especially for someone like me who has very little patience and time to spare…), I can draw in Photoshop (the full version as well, with full pressure sensitivity), and do all other things that people use tablets for, on a beautiful screen with great resolution and even better response time. So… Score!

And a quick evening update: Of Rats in Darkest Corners just got a small bump. (Of Rats in Darkest Corners current WC: 15K)

Apparently, the hiatus lasted much, much longer than I thought.

I’m back, though… kinda?

It’s been a notably bad year, with a few really, really good things sprinkled in, to keep me sane. The last major personal upset was that I got nearly all of my mobile electronics stolen (work laptop, cell phones, camera, back up drives, etc…). Other than professional implications (although my company was really gracious about it, especially since the timing, and resulting severity of the theft, was work trip related), the worse personal bit is that a lousy human being out there has a copy of ALL of my creative stuff. And I do mean all. I’d finally gotten off my lazy butt and backed up everything…

Everyone I’ve shared my fears with has tried to calm me down, telling me that the thieves probably won’t do anything with it — hopefully, by now the portable hard drive has long been formatted and sold — but I can’t help it but have mild panic attacks every so often, that some jerk out there has gone through my drawings, or stories… I feel… yuck.

Anyway… This happened some time ago now, so I’m slowly recovering.

But for a while, I couldn’t even look at my stories without thinking of the theft, and the fact my creative work has fallen into a stranger’s hands. This resulted in almost two months of avoiding thinking about my stories… but I finally shook it off, I think … I hope, anyway.

So, back to our regular programming.

Of Rats in Darkest Corners is officially on hold. Before the theft, I did attempt a “Chapter 0” and even started on Chapter 3. “Chapter 0” is at this point horrible. Chapter 3 is going in the right direction content-wise, but feels excessively flat. Furthermore, I think I’m now back to “Fantasy” mode, so the story goes back to its shelf, until further notice. (Of Rats in Darkest Corners current WC: 13K)

On the other hand, Turn of the Wilds: Bent Steel got quite a bit of a bump in word count before the theft. This is the second time in my writing life that a character comes out of nowhere to overtake a story and, just like the first time, it’s all kinds of awesome! I also clarified a direction for the book, so — yey! The biggest frustration… This is actually the SECOND book of the Turn of the Wilds group of stories. Tarnished Red comes first. And Tarnished Red is, unfortunately, stagnating at a couple of chapters, that I’ve been thinking about rewriting anyway … It’s not that Bent Steel can’t stand on its own — but I’ve had this constant nagging feeling in the back of my mind that it’d be better to finish Tarnished Red first, even while Bent Steel was flowing onto “paper” like nobody’s business. And that’s not a good feeling to have. (Turn of the Wilds: Bent Steel current WC: 50K; Turn of the Wilds: Tarnished Red current WC: 6K)

BUT … after my “return,” the story that’s coming back into focus, mostly for reasons of it being close to the (at least official) finish line, is Broken Circles. This one also comes with its own set of frustrations — since the first 20K words were written way back in college, they need a major rewrite not only for language, but also for content. There are also so many side stories (ones that are already on paper, and others I wonder if I shouldn’t tell anyway), that the word count promises to majorly bloat out of proportion. And there’s also the (at least for me) natural fear that I won’t be able to tie all the loose threads into a good end. I mean, I HAVE the end in my head, and in a quick abstract. I know what happens with each of the characters. I know how the plot gets wrapped up. I have the content… but what scares me is whether I’ll be able to pull it off as writing and storytelling. There are some very, very tough scenes coming up. I’m an ambitious writer, but I’m not a good writer yet. And having to write some of these scenes intimidates the fuck out of me. (Broken Circles current WC: 103K)

Finally, the “guilty pleasure” space opera story that turned into a mainstream one … Dancing with Demons. About a quarter in, it stumbled onto a good and I think worthwhile plot, so I’m now taking it out of the “guilty pleasure” category. I’ll keep the focus on Broken Circles, of course, but I’ve found that my writing process must allow for me to jump between at least a couple of stories, or otherwise my writing goes flat. So, Dancing with Demons has come into the spotlight. It’s mostly Star-Warsy type action (think the Knights of the Old Republic games, not the movies — without the Force, and with more factions and mercenaries =), with two awkward (hopefully, not in a Star-Warsy way) love stories (one just kicking up, another already going strong) thrown in the mix. It’s been pretty fun writing it. I don’t know if now that it’s “serious,” the enjoyment of the process won’t change — but I still like the story and hope to bring it to an end someday soon. (Dancing with Demons current WC: 24K)

So, that’s it for my long overdue update. Toodles!

So, after a few weeks of being totally overwhelmed by “life” stuff (thanks, work and 4th-floor neighbors who flooded all apartments under them, down to the first floor), I hope I’m finally kinda back. Not to say I have any creative news to report. But the carpet (the last thing that still needed to be fixed) got done over the weekend, and I was finally able to put (most of) my furniture back in place. And work’s work… but being busy isn’t bad, as long as I can go home to a place that doesn’t look like a disaster zone…

That said, I have some new direction for Of Rats in Darkest Corners. It turned out that after the first and a half of the second chapters, my Alpha reader never got that the story has supernatural stuff going on… So, I’ve decided to add a “chapter 0” with a Crazy on-screen. We’ll see how that will work, but I’ll probably need to bump up the hints in chapter 1 and chapter 2 as well. Not quite back to the drawing board — but this may turn out to be the most tweaked story I’ve ever had. (Of Rats in Darkest Corners current WC: 12 K)

So, I’ve decided to start a “Creative Diary.”

What’s that going to be? Pretty much, a place where I dump my random thoughts, struggles, and general rambling fits concerning art, stories, or any other random creative-bound fascinations I engage in.

How will it be different from my regular blog? Not sure. The regular blog’s turning into a link archive, really. Here, I hope to more or less ramble about my daily fancies. Hence, yes, “diary.” Never had one of these, not even as a little girl when they were fashionable and all my friends seemed to keep them. Can’t guarantee I won’t let this diary die too, like, oh so many of my other “projects.” But I’ll give it a shot… because, hell, why not?