Since August 14, 2015:

Of Dragons and Swords: 175K –> 188K. Ended up scrapping quite a bit of writing as I tried a couple of different directions for one scene, and the last attempt may also get scrapped. But it’s, well, moving, so that’s that.

Of Rats in Darkest Corners: 69K –> 71K. Tiny motion that I’m not sure I’ll keep, but I worked through a couple of things that were bothering me before. I also got a bit of an “ah-ha!” moment with one of the POV characters, so happy noodles!

Crossing Roads: 49K –> 53K. Not a huge jump, and some of it may need to get reworked. But the story’s moving forward, so I can’t complain!

Castles of Sand and Stone: 71K –> 78K. Pretty happy with the addition! Still moving slowly, especially since I’m due to kill off two notable characters and I really love one of them, and that will be tough on me again. But that’s been the theme of this story (in more ways than one), so, moving on.

Dancing with Demons: 29.5K –> 30K. Is 500 words worth recording? Well, maybe no, but it was a fun tiny segment to write (some nerdy fun with technology).

The Journeyman: 45K –> 50K. Not unhappy with the bump, and the story’s moving, but I still don’t seem to have much inspiration for it. Even if I do think it’s one of my stronger stories, both writing and concept-wise. It may need a bit of help with the storytelling, in the sense of cleaning up some of the introspection, but other than that, I really have no complaints about it. Other that I just don’t seem to get into it well enough for quicker progress.

Linking Rings: 17K –> 19K. Worked through a major snag (kinda needed to move on with the story). This one isn’t an officially “active” story, but the idea how to handle the problem did strike me, and I thought I should work it in. It’s actually a story I’m pretty happy about, and I have much plans and hopes for it, but since it’s somewhat low in current WC, I figure it should sit until I start finishing some of the stories that are further along.

Gain of a Man Less: 18K –> 19K. Another tiny step forward, but I got the characters to their next scene. Another not high priority story that I have high hopes for. Again, it’s sitting at the back of the line due to its low current WC.

The Turn of the Wilds: Bent Steel: 51K –> 53K. Added a fun action scene (well, not so fun for the POV character, and he’s still in a whole lot of trouble, but it was fun to write). The TotW series has gone through a concept revamp, and I’ll need to work quite a bit on the first book before I return to Bent Steel officially. But that scene will definitely stay, no matter what changes I make to the rest of the book, and it’s always fun writing competent characters in deep trouble, so it was a good break from everything else.

The Continent Series: Empty Spaces: 2K –> 4.5K. I know I shouldn’t be working on this story. It’s book 2 of a series that I’ve barely touched in the last several years. BUT. Oh, that “but.” I’ve thought about the story concept on and off lately, and it offered a good opportunity to scratch an itch to write technobabble for a bit. Furthermore, I’m quite happy with the addition, because it offered some world-building opportunity, and I love world-building!

The Price of Loyalty: 1.7K –> 1.9K. Yes, 200 words. I’ve shattered all world records on word count per year! I originally wasn’t even going to include this, but the truth is that I’ve been thinking about this story quite a bit too. It won’t see the light of day any time soon, but it’s a concept I’ve loved for a long time (very challenging, which is probably why it’s never seen much word count) and maybe some day I’ll have the confidence to dive into it. Until then, here’s another 200 words on this story.

Sake of the Pack: 12K –> 13K. Another story that has been sitting, waiting for me to get over reservations writing it. But I did open it back up for nostalgia’s sake, and it got a bit of a bump in word count. Pretty much finished the next scene. There’s still quite a bit I need to figure out on it, and I’m still somewhat intimidated from the scope of it. I once said I’m not a good enough plotter to tackle the concept yet. Has anything changed since then? I’m not sure. But considering how many other stories I still have to work on, I really have no reasons not to let it sit for a while longer.

Broken Circles: 112K –> 115K. Hah, I actually had to open the story to see where that progress came from. So, yeah, I actually added a very important set of scenes that I’d managed to forget about in the last few months. Surprise! Not unhappy at all, though. The scenes do push the story forward quite a bit.

Trajectory (Screenplay): 61/120 pages –> 66/120 pages. Tiny movement. (I actually have about 72 pages on it, but the rest are possible inclusions, not official ones) The main progress was in figuring out the end scene, though it’s not written yet (I had trouble visualizing how to keep the actions of the MC true to her character while making the planned ending work).

The Chasm: 0K –> 0K. I have not officially started writing it yet, but I’ve done some brainstorming. I figured I’d include it in the update, since it’s a sweeping update. It’s a YA story in an old, old secondary world of mine (Dead Men’s Stand is in the same world). I kinda knew what I wanted to do for a while (about seven years ago, I wrote something that could have been a prologue for it, if I didn’t think it was too spoilery). But the opening is now starting to take shape in my head, and if I ever get the time and inspiration, I may write it down.

Locked Land: 6K? –> 6K? Another concept update. I’ve got a major jump on the world concept and on the plot! A long time ago, when a beta reader of mine saw what I had on it, they suggested some interesting possibilities for the plot. I thought they were very cool, but took the story very close to some existing stories by other authors. The story wasn’t a priority anyway, so I let it sit. But I recently got to thinking about it. And I’m excited to report that I’ve not only figured out quite a bit about the world and the story, but I’ve stayed true to its concept and have not veered towards other people’s IP. I have not put any of my new thoughts into scenes yet, though. And I’m not sure how much of the existing writing I’ll end up using, so I’m putting the question marks at the end of the word count.

Remnants: 1K? –> 1K? I actually tried another beginning for that one, but I probably won’t keep it either. I still love the concept, so I’m not throwing it out, but it’s not this story’s time yet.

Counter Central: 6K? –> 6K? Another “sitter” I’ve thought about lately. So I made a lot of progress on the concept, which I’m VERY happy with. But I won’t bring it back into focus, even though I think some of the themes may be pretty current.

I’d love to say that about sums it up, but, no.

I’ve revived my attempts at short stories.

One is in the works, at about 2.5K. It’s a high-tech story heavy on themes, so it’s taking me a little longer to iron out the end.

Another two are in the brainstorming stage. I’m not sure if I’ll put effort into writing them anytime soon, but I like the concepts, so I don’t think I’ll let them die either.

I was thinking about writing approaches, and how scatterbrained I am when it comes to which story I happen to be working on.

I’ve more or less worked through the frustration: after the failed experiment with The Journeyman, I think my best approach is to learn to be productive, so that the minor detail that no one story is advancing very fast is made irrelevant by the other, hopefully not so minor detail, that I have multiple stories approaching the finish line, and multiple others coming up behind them, and yet multiple others in the beginning stages. If I can keep the word count fairly constant, I figure my stories will eventually get there…

Anyway. Getting myself to think about all of the above topics got me to realize I haven’t been putting any updates here. Yes, the two and a half months overseas didn’t help, but I’ve also been just … distracted.

I don’t remember the details (I haven’t gone that anal-retentive in my excel spreadsheet), but here’s an approximate account of my writting progress in the last three months:

Broken Circles: 108K –> 110K (slowly trudging forward … to hopefully good things when I get to the end)

Crossing Roads: 42K –> 44K (was not having any luck with a transition there — but I think I may have finally figured out a way to work through that knot; I hope to try my hand at it this weekend)

Of Rats in Darkest Corners: 15K –> 16K (even though the words were few, the progress was good; I had trouble with that last scene, and I think I’ve nearly worked through it; but I’m still contemplating whether I should revise what I’ve written so far to include the dream world I rambled about earlier)

Of Dragons and Swords: 0K –> 16K (yey! Not a “new” story — it’s actually one of my ancient ones that I’ve always wanted to scavange from … and now it’s moving forward; I’m actually happy with this one. The characters are updated and the plot I think is actually bearable now (this is the same story I liked to call my “Lord of the Rings meets Big Trouble in Little China” story — yeah, I was a weird 14-yearl-old); anyway, I think it’s gotten … well, relatively better now, but I’m also having fun writing it, so it’s all good!)

Castles of Sand and Stone: 61K –> 64K (really happy with that progress, even if it’s tiny; this is proving to be a somewhat difficult story to write, and I’m pretty sure that each individual scene from here on will feel like a hurdle — but it is what it is, and this has always been a somewhat tough story for me anyway)

Turn of the Wilds: Bent Steel: 50K –> 51K (another tiny move forward; I’m kind of stuck on this one, in a much grander scale than simply not knowing how to handle the what comes next; because this is part of a series, most of my frustrations here are how do I make it work when I have to work it in with Tarnished Red and Scarred Flesh, and neither of these has come very far)

The Journeyman: 33K –> 34K (my poor stilted story… I still believe this is one of my strongest stories, and I still need to find a way to break through that block; yes, I did try to get myself to work on it again, and I did move the current scene forward; but I still think I’m missing a strong link to the plot, and I’m already too far into the story to get away with jumping into it now … so I’m also trying to wrap my head around how to either machete-edit what I currently have, or just trash it, and start fresh…)

The Continent Series: Empty Spaces: 1K –> 2K (I know, neckbreaking progress! On a story I really shouldn’t be working on right now, for many, many reasons! But I did get the scene in my head, so I had to write it down; I’m actually happy with the tone and setting of this story, and I think it’s gonna be a fun one to write; of course, at this point it’s more of a distraction, but I’ve promised not to stop myself when I get the urge to work on stories that aren’t “actual” right now, so, there goes nothing)

And this … actually wraps it up.