The Continent Series

A gang taskman digs into advanced technology leaked on the black market that may be connected to his questionable origins.

Before falling in with his current gang, Tanner had a hectic life bouncing from identity to identity, using his odd ease with modern technology to get stint after stint with organizations from Underground, to high-level government. But his new boss, an ugly little man with a limp and a generous set of eccentricities of his own, has taken to him, and seems to tolerate his less-than-amicable personality. The price: being given some of the most challenging, and usually riskiest, tasks in the gang.

It’s an acceptable price, however, and Tanner doesn’t intend to stir the waters. Until his latest task leads him to an encounter with weaponry that’s too advanced for the current state of the art. That, coupled with the slivers of memories of Tanner’s past he’s tended to dismiss as the imagination of an ill child, lead him to suspect there’s more to the isolated continent he’s struggled to make his home.

[A planetary scifi series]