Crossing Roads

A man cursed to an eternal compulsion to protect a monarchy that has long disappeared from the world map endeavors to bring to light a scheme that may collapse nations, in order to reopen the local ports and return to his own lands.

The Curse has possessed his latest victim — a well-trained fighter in the prime of his years. Unfortunately, the Curse’s delight about finally inhabiting a shell that moves well quickly dissipates when he learns that his new shell is inconveniently tied to a mess of politics and conspiracies that threatens to turn the local nations into the puppet state of a mysterious faction.

Worst yet, the growing conflict has closed all borders to the outside world. While his compulsion drives him towards the Motherland with painful persistence regardless of circumstances, the Curse is well-aware that all ports being locked down means he’s not leaving the continent without a little creativity detangling himself from the mess — or, because he usually is that unlucky, resolving it.

[Standalone fantasy / with a couple of ideas in the back of my mind that could result in at least a second book … after the first is complete]

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