Dancing with Demons

A group of mercenaries tangle with a conspiracy to topple the government in control of their piece of space.

Arex Glev has survived just fine on the fringes of the Periphery of the Galactic Span, by taking on jobs too minor for her better-established colleagues or too objectionable for her squeamish or scrupulous counterparts, and doing just enough to squeeze out a living wage. But an even less-savory past catches up with her when she crosses paths with an Establishment taskman in pursuit of a mind-creeper — a mutant from a reclusive 68% race who’s capable of influencing others’ actions against their conscious will.

Arex realizes that she has to either run, or be swiped into a conspiracy so dangerous to civilization that even her numbed sense of right and wrong couldn’t ignore. Were she younger, the choice might have been simple. But now, she finds herself unenthused at the prospect of starting from scratch and, as much as she hates to admit it, staying may be even a chance to rediscover some self-respect.

[Standalone space opera]