Gain Of A Man Less

An eccentric detective wary of new technology and his infamous counterpart from a less-than-reputable district tackle a missing persons case tied to an industrial secret that may disrupt the existing social order to its core.

Detective John Worton has had the heebie-jeebies from Morphies since the first day a synthetic, walking, and talking representation of a victim had been generated at his precinct. While Morphies have since certainly helped solve cases, he can’t shake off the feeling something’s gone terribly wrong with his profession.

Nevertheless, he’s pretty decent at his job, so he tends to get away with his sour predisposition towards the newest crime-solving tool. Until a high-profile case forces him to work with an infamously disruptive detective from a neighboring district and dive into the shady secrets of the Morphy manufacturing industry.

[Standalone cyber-punkish sci-fi]