Sake of the Pack

A recovering freedom fighter develops an elaborate ploy to shift the balance in a war between natives and invaders in a sector of space that was until recently isolated due to a natural disaster.

Kade all but drank the Kool-Aid: a mercenary turned unlikely member of the Inner Periphery resistance movement, he’d nearly given his life to protect a secret he believed vital for the Resistence’s survival. While kept captive at the enemy base, however, he realizes that he’d instead been tricked to act as a decoy.

Determined to settle scores and rebuild the reputation he’d given up, Kade returns to the Resistance under the pretense he’d escaped captivity. Before he sets his revenge in motion, however, he learns about a technological breakthrough that will not only win the war for the Inner Periphery, but will also cripple the Outfeds for good. Kade now knows it’d be wisest to keep a low profile until the war resolves itself, but he’s too proud — and too pissed — to simply give up on his scheme.

[Standalone sci-fi]