The Journeyman

After he escapes the afterlife, a shady mercenary joins forces with a shadier Enforcer of local merchant lords and a cursed ranger, to figure out the reason the world’s magic has gone awry, before the world itself collapses.

The Journeyman has just walked away from the Mesh — the resting place of all dead — back into the World. But before he regains his bearings, he tangles up with an unpleasant character who uses him as a decoy, then tries to enlist him for a job that sounds equal parts stupidity and recklessness.

But as the magic that drives the World becomes stranger and more broken, the Journeyman realizes that his best chances to delay his return to the Mesh lie with his new acquaintance. Tiptoeing around an uneasy alliance, he joins the effort to uncover the reason for the magic’s erratic behavior.

[Standalone hard fantasy]

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