The Price Of Loyalty

A betrayed general absorbs a malignant power to keep it from poisoning the world and changes the face of Evil to war against his former allies.  

Teladar has devoted the last decade of his life to the cause of stripping malignance out of the world. But when the Shadows, the sworn protectors of all that is evil in the world, taint the Cleansing Ritual meant to destroy the malignance that the Seventeen Nations have extracted and contained for seventy two years, he finds himself betrayed by his former allies, and alone in his desperate quest to stop the malignance from soaking into the soil and poisoning the world.

His only course of action is to contain the dark essence within himself.

But when he is reborn as the new Overlord of Shadows, his new perspective leads him down a path he could have never imagined possible as his previous self — in violent conflict with his former allies, predictably, but also setting the groundwork for a world order that will challenge ages-old preconceptions.

[Standalone fantasy]