Castles of Sand and Stone

“An orphan takes on the roads of a land torn apart by hostile factions after the fall of the ruling empire, to be swept into the conflict and possibly reverse the fate of the region.”

Arlothskar is not raised by wolves. Nor is he touched by the gods. But in a remote village, the bastard child of a mad mother might have had better luck with the wolves, or without a sound mind indeed.

Arlothskar hasn’t known another life, so he finds ways to deal. Until tax collectors, spurred by the boy’s irreverence, take the little he’s managed to put aside for the quickly approaching winter. Not looking forward to the hunger he knows all too well, Arlothskar leaves the village, to seek the life of a soldier instead.

His luck, however, takes an unlikely turn when he crosses paths with a nobleman and becomes part of events that may lead to the rebirth of a fallen empire.

[Standalone YA low fantasy]