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An underground prize-fighter must find a way to cooperate with his inadvertent schoolmates to figure out a way to send an SOS after his abandoned colony’s protective dome is sabotaged.

Inside the Bubble, a Factory job is too expensive, and Remi doesn’t have the temperament for the service industry, nor for gangs. And it’s been years since the last starship moored in the Kay VI system, so escaping the old mining colony isn’t an option. On the other hand, an Arena win can pay for a bearable week and, now that his training is starting to amount to something, he’s been having a bearable week nearly every month. That is, until a crooked cop’s schemes inadvertently put him back on the Bubble’s security radar, tagging him as a minor and tossing him into the vestige of the colony’s education system, the Academy.

His need to readjust to the Academy’s Probation Program is short-lived, however: saboteurs damage the Factory and the systems generating the Bubble, the colony’s sole protection against the host planet’s hostile environment. Chaos overtakes the colony, sending him and a few of his Program-mates into the sealed mines under the colony, where he will find out why the Bubble was abandoned, and maybe even a way to send out an SOS.

[Standalone YA science fiction]