Of Rats in Darkest Corners

A group of street kids navigates through a reality gone crazy and dreams that make too much sense, in order to survive as random strangers get superpowers, go mad, and turn their city into a warzone.

Tae Sung has his punk band and a job as a loader at the Docks, and otherwise means to keep his head low in the Streets, the City’s underbelly that’s overrun by gangs and criminal entrepreneurs. Despite his best efforts, however, unable to ignore abuse and injustice, he never seems to stay out of trouble.

So when the first crazies appear, homicidal and immune to the laws of physics, he must find a way to protect his friends. As the world grows stranger and more dangerous, however, his dreams become clearer and more relevant — and he realizes the key to survival may be in figuring out the connection between the real and the dream world.

[Standalone YA urban fantasy]