The Scoreboard

I have no idea why I need this to be online. But here goes nothing. This is not the comprehensive list; I’ve excluded old stories I may decide to salvage one day, those who need a complete overhaul, and concepts I haven’t done any work on. (List does not include short stories and novelettes either — even though I’ve written a few of those, they aren’t my primary focus as a writer)

Crossing Roads 56K / 120K 46.3%
The Journeyman 51K / 120K 42.4%
Dancing With Demons 33K/ 100K 33.1%
Gain of a Man Less 51K / 80K 63.9%
Linking Rings 19K / 120K 15.8%
Sake of the Pack 13K / 100K 13.0%
Brief Horizons 10K / 100K 10.0%
Gargoyle II 10K / 100K 9.6%
Locked Land 6K / 100K 5.5%
Dead Men’s Stand 3K / 120K 2.5%
The Price of Loyalty 2K / 120K 1.6%
Remnants 1K / 100K 1.4%
Lost Cycles 1K / 120K 1.0%
The Wastes: Of Land and Mind 1K / 100K 0.7%
Leaves Die First 10K / 120K 8.3%
Chameleon 0K / 100K 0.0%
Desert Wind 0K / 120K 0.0%
Nameless 0K / 120K 0.0%
The Twiceborn 0K / 120K 0.0%
All Things Made of Shadows I: Resounding Pasts 70K / 100K 69.6%
All Things Made of Shadows II: The Road Home 0K / 100K 0.0%
All Things Made of Shadows III: Forgotten Songs 0K / 100K 0.0%
The Continents Series I: Moving Targets 8K / 100K 7.6%
The Continents Series II: Empty Spaces 5K / 100K 4.5%
The Continents Series III: Scattered Lights 5K / 100K 4.9%
Turn of the Wilds I: Tarnished Red 11K / 120K 8.8%
Turn of the Wilds II: Bent Steel 53K / 120K 44.3%
Turn of the Wilds III: Scarred Flesh 0K / 120K 0.0%
Of Dragons and Swords (Acts I – III) 200K / 210K 95.4%
Broken Circles (Acts I — III) 115K / 180K 63.8%
Castles of Sand and Stone 84K / 120K 69.6%
Of Rats in Darkest Corners 71K / 100K 71.1%
Counter Central 7K / 60K 11.9%
Transient Skies 1K / 60K 1.2%
Children of Metal And Rust 0K / 100K 0.0%
The Chasm 3K / 60K 5.3%
Memory I: Of Past 0K / 60K 0.0%
Memory II: Of Present 1K / 60K 2.2%
Memory III: Of Future 2K / 60K 3.4%

** “0.0%” means that the story has either not been started, or is in a state that needs super-major editing, re-structuring, or translation (or typing in), and I can’t estimate word count.

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